Overview of Ideas Shared at Public Workshop

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Thanks again to all who came out to share ideas and feedback this past Monday evening at Winnetka’s Downtown Master Plan ‘Public Workshop’.  Below is a summary of the feedback received.  See something missing?  Venture over to the ‘Idea Zone‘ and send us additional thought bubbles – be sure to scroll down and see what your neighbors have been sharing as well.

Station 1 – Voting Priorities

Top Priorities + Additional Comments

Downtown Elm Street:

  1. Priority: Downtown Elm needs more dining options / pubs to enhance nightlife (27 votes)
  2. Priority: The Post Office Site should be developed into a mixed-use building (20 votes)
  3. Priority: East and West Elm make up one downtown not two separate business districts (15 votes)
  4. 10 Dislike Votes – The Post Office Site should be converted into an outdoor gathering space.



  • More housing that is walkable to the train station and accessible for people with disabilities;
  • Do not destroy the playground and open space at the west end of the park by the Post Office and Village Hall — it is a good transition and well used;
  • Buildings need to preserve mixed-use and encourage more of it to be created;
  • Fix parking situation by Community House – not enough space for loading / unloading near nursery school;
  • More dining / family / night life;
  • No more nail salons;
  • Need a Village Square type gathering space, not just another park;
  • Need a place in town where 5th-8th graders can find something to do – not enough options for youths / teens;
  • Post Office Site could have open areas as well as a mixed-use building

Hubbard Woods:

  1. Priority: Hubbard Woods needs more family friendly dining options and coffee houses (24 votes)
  2. Priority: Hubbard Woods needs to expand festivals and events to enhance nightlife (19 votes)
  3. Priority: Hubbard Woods needs to fill vacancies (19 votes)
  4. Priority: Hubbard Woods should better celebrate the park and focus on family activities (18 votes)


  • Loving the new park… so far;
  • Need family-friendly brew pub near train station;
  • Needs a strong destination / reason to come to Hubbard Woods;
  • Aggressively move to fill the vacant commercial space;
  • Attract coffee shops / cafes, places to meet neighbors;
  • Train bridge and platform desperately need attention – safety / beautification issue;
  • Hubbard Woods Design District is okay so long as there is a complimentary mix of uses to support such;
  • Imagine a small, Green Mill or space in the community for music / jazz;

Indian Hill:

  1. Priority: Indian Hill is fine as is — the focus of this plan should be on Elm Street and Hubbard Woods (21 votes)
  2. Priority: Indian Hill users needs to cater to New Trier High School (18 votes)


  • Get the Union Pacific Railroad to let New Trier service clubs operate the ticket station as a cafe for commuters and New Trier students as a fundraising / service opportunity.
  • Could use eatery where teens could gather after school in large Tudor office building;
  • More restaurants;
  • Better parking;
  • Make triangle land across from car dealer into a coffee or sandwich restaurant (Starbucks, Jimmy Johns?);
  • Rezone for mixed-use;
  • Get rid of the old gas station;
  • Develop the park;

Station 2 – Vision Collage



  • Family-friendly spaces that invite out the neighborhood / play ground
  • Nature-inspired / celebrate the Park / outdoor venues and gathering spaces
  • Charming arcades of owner-operated stores that entice people to shop in Winnetka
  • More food and dining options, brew pubs, coffee shops, hip restaurants, wine bars, candy / ice cream / frozen yogurt, pizza, etc.
  • Music oriented
  • Dog friendly
  • Charming streetscape features
  • Bike lanes
  • Post Office Site – Beautiful, multi-family owner-occupied housing with lots of green space throughout

Station 3 – Winnetka Madlibs


Winnetka Madlibs: Downtown Elm

Positive Descriptors:

  • Charming
  • Accessible / walkable / bike friendly
  • Great food / dining / coffee
  • Retail shopping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Convenient
  • Place to meet friends
  • Family oriented

Negative Descriptors:

  • Outdated / tired
  • Crowded
  • Unattractive
  • Too many nail salons / real estate brokers
  • Vacancies
  • Without multi-family housing
  • Fragmented / divided into two districts
  • High business turn-over
  • Limited business diversity


  • More retail diversity
  • Restaurants
  • Better connectivity
  • More multi-family housing (make downtown lively) / townhouses (consider post office site)
  • Hardware store
  • Retail / Mixed-use at Post Office Site

Nice Nearby Destinations:

  • The beach / lake
  • Park
  • Library
  • Train station
  • The Grand
  • Book Stall
  • Toy Store
  • Lincoln Plaza / Lincoln Avenue Art Center

Winnetka Madlibs: Hubbard Woods

Positive Descriptors:

  • Family-friendly / fun
  • Dynamic
  • Quaint
  • Shop for unique gifts
  • Traditional
  • Full of vitality
  • Great walking area
  • Great place to listen to music

Negative Descriptors:

  • Vacancies / Ghost town
  • Underutilized
  • Economically drained
  • Old / dated
  • Congested
  • Limited food and drink
  • In-flux


  • Fill spaces with neighborhood-friendly vendors
  • Anchor restaurant / more dining options / brew pub
  • Music festival / band shell
  • Retains neighborhood feel
  • Adds economic value
  • Entertainment

Nice Nearby Destinations:

  • Green Bay Trail
  • Park
  • Hubbard Woods Motors
  • Once Upon A Bagel
  • Lake / Beach
  • Glencoe
  • Downtown Elm Street

Station 4 – District Discussion

Downtown Elm Street

  • Is Winnetka for residents only or should we be attracting others?
  • There is no Downtown identity.
  • Why don’t we attract more restaurants?
  • Civic uses are clustered here.
  • Downtown is missing housing.
  • Desire for hardware store, bakery, and family friendly restaurants.
  • Need place for teens to hang out.
  • Major assets include the beach, book stall, train station, Village Green, Hadley School.

Hubbard Woods

  • Sidewalk is too narrow
  • Central feature is the Park – need more connections to activities therein.
  • High-end retail draws from North Shore.
  • Empty
  • Better in memory
  • Landlords
  • Sprinkler Ordinance / Landlords / Rents – impediments?
  • Assets include interesting buildings, fabric of urban form.
  • Missing vitality, places to eat, family activities…
  • Design District may not be in the best interest of family friendly activities.

Indian Hill

  • New Trier – No place to go, stay,, head to.
  • Lost the automotive character.
  • Lots of foot traffic
  • Where is the space to put stores?
  • Needs a business / restaurant at the train station.