Redevelopment Sites Meeting – Monday 2/29 at 7pm

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Join us at Monday’s 2/29 Steering Committee meeting to hear discussion focused on Redevelopment Sites within the Village! All who come will have the chance to listen, learn and share their perspectives at the end of the meeting. In the meantime, please visit the ‘Idea Zone‘ to chime in on the topic and view what your neighbors are saying!

Having winnetkadeveloped consensus on vision statements for the Village’s commercial districts, a follow up step in the downtown planning process is to consider how those statements may apply to future development. As defined in the Downtown Master Plan work program, four potential development sites are to be evaluated for how they can best advance plan objectives – the Downtown Post Office site, which was selected prior to beginning the plan, and three others. The sites were selected in order to:

  • Serve as an example – Each site is exemplary of a development condition such as being a gateway, full block, partial block, etc. The purpose for this distinction is that lessons learned from the site evaluation may be applied to similar properties in the study areas should they ever be proposed for development.
  • Support and explain the vision – A prospect to advance the district’s vision is conveyed through each of the sites, for example: generate vitality, bring new businesses, support existing businesses, provide gathering spaces, etc.
  • Consider realistic potential for development – For each of the sites, developers or owners have expressed some degree of interest in redevelopment—meaning there might be a potential to influence the near-future.
  • Include multiple districts – The sites are not all located in the same business district, two are in Downtown and two are in Hubbard Woods; no Indian Hill site was found to meet the above criteria.

The sketch concepts focus on fundamental site factors and potential for redevelopment. They are based on consideration of three primary factors:

  1. The Goal – The vision for the district was a main driver in consideration of redevelopment opportunities.
  2. The Setting – The existing physical condition of the site and surrounding built and natural environment were evaluated.
  3. The Science – Preliminary plan findings related to transportation and commercial markets were applied to provide realistic consideration of potential development.

It is also important to note what these concepts are not intended to convey. The sketch plans are not development proposals, final determination of land use, or recommendations for height and density. In fact, the concepts specifically do not yet consider height and density so that the discussion can focus on function rather than form. Once the desired functionality is better understood at this conceptual level, we can engage form questions more appropriately.

The Steering Committee will be asked at the February 29, 2016 meeting to discuss the concepts and deliberate on the extent to which they advance the vision and Village goals for the business districts. Once we have reached a consensus on the four development concepts, each will be revised as necessary and taken to a higher level of design, which will be the focus at the March meeting.