Join us Monday @ 7pm! On the Agenda: Illustrative Concept Sketches


Based on discussion at the February Steering Committee meeting, Winnetka’s four development scenarios have been refined and detailed to indicate more design character and development considerations such as height, unit count, pedestrian access, street amenities and parking. The Steering Committee will be asked to review the illustrative concept plans and further discuss how well each reflects the Visions Statements they approved for the business districts. Once finalized, the scenarios will allow the Downtown Master Plan to translate plan objectives into standards for development.

B post office 2

In reviewing the refined concepts, it is again important to understand how they can be used. In general, the scenarios project the Village’s expectations for development that may occur on the sites.  Development scenarios are just that – one alternative for how a site can be developed. The ultimate development proposals (even on the Post Office site) will differ from those sketched based on specific market conditions at the time of development, aesthetic style of the applicant, and detailed site analysis. What is important about future development is how it meets the site and urban design objectives: where are pedestrian connections preserved, what vistas are created, how does the building fit the surround area, etc.  In this way, the project review and approval process is not about searching for what those objectives are, but working with an applicant to balance those objectives with the factors inherent in development.

So please join us Monday evening, 7pm at Village Hall for further review of the Illustrative Concept Plans.  All Steering Committee meetings are open to the public.  At the end of each meeting there is ‘open mic’ time for you to provide comments and suggestions — we heard some great ideas last time and look forward to the same again on Monday.  If you are unable to attend and would like to share input, please note that concept plans will be posted to this website following review and edits by the Village. Any interim comments or suggestions can be submitted via the ‘Idea Zone‘.