Workshop Highlights | Illustrative Concept Plans Discussed…


Thanks to everyone who came out to listen and share ideas at Monday evening’s Steering Committee meeting.  The focus of the night was on taking the four Redevelopment Sites highlighted at the February Workshop to the next level.  As noted at the meeting, the development scenarios were refined and detailed to indicate more design character and development considerations such as height, unit count, pedestrian access, street amenities and parking.

Lessons Learned: In translating the concepts first seen by the Steering Committee to  more detailed sketches, a number of factors came forward. These lessons are fundamental to the future of each site and useful to understanding in evaluating them. While at one level perhaps straightforward, they are basic to future development in Winnetka – whether publicly or privately directed.

  • Redevelopment of existing parking lots creates the doubled edged sword of eliminating existing parking and creating the need for additional parking.
  • No site can be developed in a vacuum. In addition to potential off-site impacts, adjacent and nearby sites should be considered as opportunities to create a larger development site or meet the need for parking, outdoor seating, passive recreation, etc.
  • Development is best done in a coordination with adjacent owners or government bodies to prevent adverse impacts and identify potential win-win opportunities.

The sites will continue to be refined based on comments and feedback received at Monday’s Steering Committee meeting. If you were unable to attend the meeting, links to the materials and presentation are provided below; share comments relative to such via the ‘Idea Zone‘.