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Project documents for Winnetka’s Streetscape + Signage Plan will be posted as they are completed. 

The Winnetka Downtown Streetscape Plan has been formally adopted by the Village Council. Big thanks to the community, staff and council for your vision, hard work and enthusiasm for Downtown Winnetka! Click here to view!

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Downtown Master Plan Project Documents

Note: The ‘Primary Market Area’ leakage numbers (slide #17) were updated following the presentation on 11/30/15.

Special Thanks

The Winnetka Downtown Master Plan would not be where it is today without the steadfast insight, oversight, and support of a select team of truly dedicated folks. For that, we owe special thanks to the following individuals.
* Listed alphabetically by last name

Steering Committee
Meg Benson, Chair
Tina Dalman
Jim Gordon
Gene Greable
Steve Hudson
Bill Krucks
Ian Larkin
Scott Myers
John Talty
Gwen Trindl
Bob Winter

Village Council
E. Gene Greable, President
Andrew Cripe, Trustee
Carol Fessler, Trustee
William Krucks, Trustee
Stuart McCrary, Trustee
Scott Myers, Trustee
Marilyn Prodromos, Trustee

Village Staff
Robert Bahan, Village Manager
Michael D’Onofrio
Brian Norkus
Megan Pierce
Lori Weaver

Property Owners Working Group
Bob Berger
Josh Braun
David Hoffmann
Kearby Kaiser
Leslie Stevens
Glen Weaver
Cliff Zimmerman

Developers / Real Estate Working Group
Paul Dunn
Tom Eilers
Bob Horne
Warren James
Steve Livaditis

Design Character Working Group
Gary Frank
Tom Kerwin
Paul Konstant
Penny Lanphier
Peggy Stanley
John Swierk

Residents At Large Working Group
Richard Pierce
Dan Streif
Todd Helmick
Kristin Ziv
Wes Baumann
Gil Fitzgerald
Mike Nielsen

Community Organizations Working Group
Matt Bradley
Laurie Cahill
Bethany Crocker
Patti Van Cleave
Terry Dason
Erin Donaldson
Amber Farashahi
Christy Fowler
Linda Furey
Dorsey Gordon
Harry Grace
Mary Hastings
Matt Hulsizer
Beth Kauffman
Trish Kocanda
Greg Kurr
Besty Landes
Dee Macey
Gina Matthews
Tim McCabe
Tracey McDowell
Alison McNally
Greta O’Keef
Laurie Petersen
Paul Salley
Rose Selker
Ann Sharp
Heather Smith
Greg Robitaille
Kim Ronan
Rebecca Wolf
Linda Yonke

Business Districts Working Group
Louie Alexoukis
Pat Berwanger
Wade Bundy
Dan Fields
Bill Hiscott
Stephanie Hochschild
Vickie Hofstetter
Bill Leske
Patrick O’Neil
Shermin Pelinski
Peg Swartchild
Paul Zurowski

Project Consultants
Teska Associates, Inc.
Michael Blue
Erin Cigliano
The Goodman Williams Group
Linda Goodman
Zach Lowe
Sam Schwartz Engineering
Kelly Conolly
Mark de la Vergne