You wrote it! The final ‘Idea Chalkboards’ results are in.


Thanks to all who contributed thoughts via the ‘Idea Chalkboards’ stations in Downtown Elm Street and Hubbard Woods.  Due to the dropping temps and impending snow flurries, the boards were removed following the Thanksgiving weekend.  Installed on October 23rd, the sharing stations were in place for over 5 weeks and the feedback was plentiful!  Village officials took photos of the chalkboards daily and when full, wiped them clean for more thought bubbles to appear.

Relative to desires, the ideas reiterated the most demonstrate similar themes to the feedback relayed at the Public Workshop (held November 16th at North Shore Country Day) and the comments streaming through the project website. The primary themes are highlighted via the colorful ‘Wordles’ shown below. The larger the word the more times it was written – thus making it a priority. Also, please note although it is not reflected in the Wordle, let the record show that we too would LOVE to see Bill Murray in Downtown Winnetka, but that request may be slightly outside of our control.


Keep sharing ideas!

Visit the ‘Idea Zone’ to post and view the 30+ ideas submitted by fellow Winnetka residents and business owners — and stay tuned! Future workshops are planned in both February and March to discuss development of the post office site and other key properties.

Below are some photo highlights:



Chalkboards Tallied | Themes Revealed

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The idea chalkboards stationed in Hubbard Woods and Downtown Elm Street have been etch-a-sketched full of feedback these last couple weeks — and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Village staff have been snapping photos of the boards and wiping them clean; the findings of which are displaying some interesting and common themes.

Relative to food — Winnetka is hungry for more options! Major “wants” include causal sit-down restaurants, healthy grab-n-go meal options, brew pubs, coffee shops, delis, bakeries, and ice cream shops.  Other ideas include adding a dog park (and dog drinking fountains!), a higher diversity of housing types, shopping options, yoga studios, a community center / place to gather, a new sports store and ice skating rink in Hubbard Woods.  With the exception of the ice skating rink, both boards displayed very similar ideas. Many other individual comments were noted and reviewed as well — for a detailed look at such please click the gallery links below.

Keep the ideas coming Winnetka — the chalkboards will be stationed and checked the next couple weeks until weather suggests it’s time to head in for the Winter. Not to worry though, check the Calendar page and Idea Zone to explore more ways to engage!  And don’t forget to join us a week from today – Monday, November 16th at North Shore Country Day for the Public Workshop where we will have 4 Visioning Stations for you to interact with!


Hubbard Woods Chalkboard Images


Downtown Elm Street Chalkboard Images