No need to hunt for Winnetka’s Downtown Streetscape Concepts. Visit us at the Egg Hunt!

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We will be at the egg hunt, rain or shine, to hear your comments about the streetscape and signage plan.

Join us!

Winnetka Egg Hunt
Saturday March 31st
West Elm Park, 1155 Elm Street
Rainout Location: The Skokie School Gym, 520 Glendale Ave

2018 03 31 Egg Hunt


Thanks to everyone who came out to our Open House last month!


Walk this way! Join us next Monday, February 26th at 6pm for the ‘Winnetka Streetscape Concepts Open House’

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February is nearly over, hooray! So let’s celebrate and start thinking about getting back outside and enjoying our streetscape environment!

Thanks to your plentiful ideas and input, we have a set of Streetscape Concepts ready for your review. Please join us on Monday, February 26th from 6-7pm at Village Hall (Council Chambers) for the Streetscape Concepts Open House, wherein we will showcase exhibits for consideration and comment. The Streetscape and Signage Task Force meeting will immediately follow the open house; all public is welcome to attend both the open house and task force meeting!

2018 02 06 Open House 2 Poster redux

Redevelopment Sites Meeting – Monday 2/29 at 7pm

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Join us at Monday’s 2/29 Steering Committee meeting to hear discussion focused on Redevelopment Sites within the Village! All who come will have the chance to listen, learn and share their perspectives at the end of the meeting. In the meantime, please visit the ‘Idea Zone‘ to chime in on the topic and view what your neighbors are saying!

Having winnetkadeveloped consensus on vision statements for the Village’s commercial districts, a follow up step in the downtown planning process is to consider how those statements may apply to future development. As defined in the Downtown Master Plan work program, four potential development sites are to be evaluated for how they can best advance plan objectives – the Downtown Post Office site, which was selected prior to beginning the plan, and three others. The sites were selected in order to:

  • Serve as an example – Each site is exemplary of a development condition such as being a gateway, full block, partial block, etc. The purpose for this distinction is that lessons learned from the site evaluation may be applied to similar properties in the study areas should they ever be proposed for development.
  • Support and explain the vision – A prospect to advance the district’s vision is conveyed through each of the sites, for example: generate vitality, bring new businesses, support existing businesses, provide gathering spaces, etc.
  • Consider realistic potential for development – For each of the sites, developers or owners have expressed some degree of interest in redevelopment—meaning there might be a potential to influence the near-future.
  • Include multiple districts – The sites are not all located in the same business district, two are in Downtown and two are in Hubbard Woods; no Indian Hill site was found to meet the above criteria.

In the news: What Do Winnetkans Want?

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Daily Northshore | Article by Emily Spectre

WINNETKA – Lead consultants Teska Associates recently released vision statements for each of Winnetka’s three downtown business districts. “The vision statements celebrate the desired look, feel, function and overall objectives for each district as we look ahead into the future,” said Erin Cigliano, a senior associate and media specialist for Teska.


Teska’s approach to developing a master plan that can be used 20 years into the future is really community based. “The more input we get the more we are hitting the right points with the redevelopment considerations,” Cigliano said.


Teska will introduce its ideas for redevelopment of key sites at a steering committee meeting scheduled for Feb. 29. The steering committee, which comprises a mix of people such as long-term residents, active community members and realtors, will provide Teska with feedback. “It’s a really dynamic mix of those who understand the past and those who are visionaries for the future,” Cigliano said.

Cigliano encourages residents to get involved. “If people feel they aren’t a part of the process it is never too late,” she said. All of the steering committee meetings are open to the public with opportunity for public comment at the end of the meetings. Residents can also provide feedback on the project website.

Click here to read the full article

In the News: “Winnetka Envisions Revitalized Downtowns”


Daily North Shore Article | November 17th, 2015
Written by Emily Spectre


in-the-news_winnetkaWINNETKA – Winnetka residents gathered at North Shore Country Day School on November 17 to provide input on what they would like to see in Winnetka’s business districts. The workshop was organized by consultants Teska Associates as they work with village officials to develop a new downtown master plan for Winnetka’s struggling business districts.

The workshop was organized around four activity stations set up to gather residents’ ideas. “The  more you share the more we learn,” said Michael Blue, project consultant for Teska.

Click here to read the full article

Photo Highlights: Winnetka Visioning Workshop

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun,” – Albert Einstein
And yesterday’s ‘Visioning Workshop’ for Winnetka’s Downtown Master Plan embraced just that. Thanks to all who came out to share ideas and feedback via the four interactive activity stations that were set-up:

  • Station 1: Priority Voting Exercise
  • Station 2: Visioning Collage
  • Station 3: Winnetka Madlibs
  • Station 4: District Discussion

Special thanks to North Shore Country Day School for helping to host the event!

Stay tuned! The consultant team is in the process of documenting the overall findings and will post a summation of such soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the photo highlights below and mark your calendar for the December 16th Steering Committee meeting (7pm @ Village Hall), which will focus on refining the Vision Statements yesterday’s workshop helped build.


Existing Conditions Report

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Big thanks to all who came out and took part in Monday night’s meeting — it was a productive one! 

Slides_Page_02The focus of the evening was on Winnetka’s existing conditions.  The working group session started at 5:30pm and focused on discussing and refining the issues, opportunities and priorities of each of the three business districts.  At 7pm the working group reported back to the Steering Committee on their findings, considerations and deliberations.

A presentation by the project consultants followed, highlighting Winnetka’s existing conditions: Michael Blue and Erin Cigliano with Teska Associates presented on the Land Use, Zoning and Urban Design; Mark de la Vergne with Sam Schwartz Engineering showcased transportation, signage and wayfinding elements; and Linda Goodman and Zach Lowe with Goodman Williams presented demographics and market data. Q+A by the Steering Committee and the public at large closed out the evening.

In order to plan for future opportunities within the business districts it is first important to understand the current state and workings of such, as well as the demographics and market data for the Village as a whole. The report and presentation linked below presents that analysis.

If you were unable to attend please review the materials contained herein and submit any feedback you have via the ‘Idea Zone’.