No need to hunt for Winnetka’s Downtown Streetscape Concepts. Visit us at the Egg Hunt!

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We will be at the egg hunt, rain or shine, to hear your comments about the streetscape and signage plan.

Join us!

Winnetka Egg Hunt
Saturday March 31st
West Elm Park, 1155 Elm Street
Rainout Location: The Skokie School Gym, 520 Glendale Ave

2018 03 31 Egg Hunt


Thanks to everyone who came out to our Open House last month!


Walk this way! Join us next Monday, February 26th at 6pm for the ‘Winnetka Streetscape Concepts Open House’

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February is nearly over, hooray! So let’s celebrate and start thinking about getting back outside and enjoying our streetscape environment!

Thanks to your plentiful ideas and input, we have a set of Streetscape Concepts ready for your review. Please join us on Monday, February 26th from 6-7pm at Village Hall (Council Chambers) for the Streetscape Concepts Open House, wherein we will showcase exhibits for consideration and comment. The Streetscape and Signage Task Force meeting will immediately follow the open house; all public is welcome to attend both the open house and task force meeting!

2018 02 06 Open House 2 Poster redux

This time next week… Draft Urban Design + Land Use Plans to be presented at 7/25 Steering Committee Meeting

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Join us next Monday, July 25th at 7pm to review the Draft Urban Design and Land Use Plans for Winnetka’s Downtown Master Plan.  The evening will include a presentation of major recommendations and themes unique to each of these topics as they apply to Winnetka’s business districts. All of the recommendations take into account feedback and desires as heard through public outreach and meetings to date! Following the presentations and discussion by the Steering Committee, everyone who attends will have the opportunity to comment and share their input!  Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Meeting Details

  • July 25th Steering Committee Meeting
  • Focus: Draft Land Use + Urban Design Plans
  • Time: 7pm | Location: Village Hall, 510 Green Bay Rd



Have you seen the Draft Transportation and Market Plans as presented at the June 27th Steering Committee Meeting? Click below to view presentations on each!

Results: 1000+ Votes Received on the Urban Design Quick Poll

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Thank you Winnetka for the 1,000+ responses to last month’s Urban Design Quick Poll.  We heard you loud and clear — relative to urban design, landscaping and outdoor patios are the top “wants” with lighting and bike amenities highly desired as well.  A detailed pie chart relaying responses is noted below.





The results of the Quick Poll were discussed at last month’s steering committee meeting (held April 25th), which focused on Infrastructure and Urban Design.  The steering committee reviewed poll results and public comments and agreed on the following:

Landscaping – is a top priority. The Village needs to consider how it can be attractive year round.

Outdoor Dining – can be costly to implement for owners and is a private business decision; should not retrofit (widen) existing sidewalks to accommodate – but can work in created bump outs or pedestrian plazas. Important to many residents and visitors.

Bikesmust be a part of the districts based on all previous discussions. Need to think in terms of multiple types of users 1) children going to school etc, 2) residents on convenience & recreation trips and 3) regional bikers passing through town. Consider that facilities must consider both access around town and places people are going.

Lighting – Needed for business and important for safety.

Gateways – Important for visitors and reflecting character of the Village. Good for letting people know they have arrived someplace special. Also important for those on bikes or Metra.

Wayfinding – implementation relates to Gateways. Can be a low cost items with limited number of signs (part of why scored as low priority. Do not want to include so many signs as to create sign clutter – be focused in use. Can be incorporated with new developments in some locations

Pedestrian Enhancements – very important to preserve and further improve pedestrian connectivity, amenities and crossings.

Parking – close by parking is useful for families with little children.

Street Furniture – benches and trash/recycling receptacles are already in place; need to continue to provide and maintain street amenities to ensure business districts invite users to stay and hang out.


4/25 Meeting Highlights – Infrastructure + Urban Design


Thank you to everyone who joined us on April 25th for the Infrastructure + Urban Design Steering Committee Meeting.  Below is a synopsis of discussion points and findings. 

Note that findings from the Urban Design Quick Poll were presented to the Steering Committee — final results of which will be posted soon.


Design Character Work GWINNETKA_SIDEBAR_IMAGESroup Notes – Principal Discussion Points

  • Urban design and wayfinding elements are needed for the business districts and should be recommended by the plan, but existing and future destinations that urban design will complement are critical as well.
  • Consider the big picture, not just specific sites. Context is important.
  • A cohesive effort is needed for urban design elements to reflect a common identity across the business districts.
  • The value of urban design elements is found in the “big picture” of the plan and adds to the community, even though it may not be possible to identify specifically or show a dollar for dollar return.



Steering Committee Notes – Principal Discussion Points

  • Urban Design elements have value but are only a part of the plan, must be tied to and supportive of other actions.
  • There should be a consistent design in the Village among design elements, but a recognition of the unique character to indicate the differing districts. A common brand / identity will help to attract residents and visitors from one part of town to another.
  • Attractive urban design elements are important for Winnetka residents’ enjoyment of districts and to attract nonresidents as potential shoppers and diners.
  • Design elements should be used to draw people between the east and west side of Green Bay Road and the RR tracks.
  • The existing plan for new streetscape (2008) was not implemented due to concerns over cost and the economic decline. However, the plan’s direction and design are sound, and the streetscape plan need not be reinvented. Since the Village has a streetscape plan to work from, the Downtown Master Plan should revisit how it can to be implemented.

Infrastructure + Urban Design Meeting Tonight @ 7PM

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Hey Winnetka!  Join us tonight for the Infrastructure + Urban Design Steering Committee Meeting — 7pm at Village Hall.  

On the talking table:  Current status of Village infrastructure, wayfinding opportunities, placemaking components and up-to-date results and findings of the Urban Design Quick Poll which has yielded 1,000+ votes to date.


See you there!

Extra! Extra! April Newsletter Special Report

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As noted on the Village website…

On April 13, the Village published a special edition of the Winnetka Report newsletter– entirely dedicated to the Downtown Master Plan. We invite you to learn about the process and what the community has said about the future of the business districts to-date. Also, you will be able to explore the redevelopment site concepts discussed by the Steering Committee in February and March, 2016.

An excerpt from the Welcome Letter, written by Steering Committee Chair, Margaret Benson:

What would make Winnetka’s business districts more lively and inviting? Have you ever
wondered what the Post Office site could be in the future? Should our downtowns be
walkable, drivable or bikeable? All three? How do you feel about murals? What about
a gateway arch curving over Green Bay Road, welcoming drivers to Hubbard Woods?
Would you enjoy a few pocket parks sprinkled throughout retail and commercial spaces?

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Downtown Master Plan Special Winnetka Report.



Vote Today! Urban Design Quick Poll

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DMP_UrbanDesignPoster_11x17Which urban design elements would benefit Winnetka the most?

Our experience walking, shopping, and hanging out in various places is greatly impacted by urban design, i.e. the lighting, landscaping, outdoor amenities and details that make up the streetscape and define its character.

Help us understand what urban design elements would best improve Winnetka’s business districts. Scroll down to share your preferences on what you’d like to see and where. Keep in mind that you can choose up to 3 categories of design — prioritize what elements you feel are most important. If there is a design element not listed, choose “Other” and enter your own answer.

(If you’re having issues viewing the quick poll below please try switch your browser.)


Join us April 25th for the Infrastructure + Urban Design Steering Committee Meeting Details: 7pm at Village Hall | Comment: At the end of each meeting, everyone will have the opportunity to share comments, ideas and feedback. See you there!