Monday 6/27 — Review of Draft Master Plan Components – Part 1

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Join us on Monday, June 27, 2016 at the Winnetka Village Hall, 510 Green Bay Road (Council Chambers), at 7:00 p.m. for the next Downtown Master Plan Steering Committee Meeting.

On the talking table:

  1. Review of Draft Master Plan Components – Part 1:
    1. Market Findings
    2. Parking and Circulation Findings

Linda Goodman of Goodman Williams Group will present the final market findings and Kelly Conolly, with Sam Schwartz Engineering, will follow with transportation findings.

Everyone who attends will have a chance to share their comments following the presentations and discussion by the Steering Committee.

Hope to see you there!


Infrastructure + Urban Design Meeting Tonight @ 7PM

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Hey Winnetka!  Join us tonight for the Infrastructure + Urban Design Steering Committee Meeting — 7pm at Village Hall.  

On the talking table:  Current status of Village infrastructure, wayfinding opportunities, placemaking components and up-to-date results and findings of the Urban Design Quick Poll which has yielded 1,000+ votes to date.


See you there!

Extra! Extra! April Newsletter Special Report

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As noted on the Village website…

On April 13, the Village published a special edition of the Winnetka Report newsletter– entirely dedicated to the Downtown Master Plan. We invite you to learn about the process and what the community has said about the future of the business districts to-date. Also, you will be able to explore the redevelopment site concepts discussed by the Steering Committee in February and March, 2016.

An excerpt from the Welcome Letter, written by Steering Committee Chair, Margaret Benson:

What would make Winnetka’s business districts more lively and inviting? Have you ever
wondered what the Post Office site could be in the future? Should our downtowns be
walkable, drivable or bikeable? All three? How do you feel about murals? What about
a gateway arch curving over Green Bay Road, welcoming drivers to Hubbard Woods?
Would you enjoy a few pocket parks sprinkled throughout retail and commercial spaces?

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Downtown Master Plan Special Winnetka Report.



In the news: What Do Winnetkans Want?

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Daily Northshore | Article by Emily Spectre

WINNETKA – Lead consultants Teska Associates recently released vision statements for each of Winnetka’s three downtown business districts. “The vision statements celebrate the desired look, feel, function and overall objectives for each district as we look ahead into the future,” said Erin Cigliano, a senior associate and media specialist for Teska.


Teska’s approach to developing a master plan that can be used 20 years into the future is really community based. “The more input we get the more we are hitting the right points with the redevelopment considerations,” Cigliano said.


Teska will introduce its ideas for redevelopment of key sites at a steering committee meeting scheduled for Feb. 29. The steering committee, which comprises a mix of people such as long-term residents, active community members and realtors, will provide Teska with feedback. “It’s a really dynamic mix of those who understand the past and those who are visionaries for the future,” Cigliano said.

Cigliano encourages residents to get involved. “If people feel they aren’t a part of the process it is never too late,” she said. All of the steering committee meetings are open to the public with opportunity for public comment at the end of the meetings. Residents can also provide feedback on the project website.

Click here to read the full article

Overview of Ideas Shared at Public Workshop

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Thanks again to all who came out to share ideas and feedback this past Monday evening at Winnetka’s Downtown Master Plan ‘Public Workshop’.  Below is a summary of the feedback received.  See something missing?  Venture over to the ‘Idea Zone‘ and send us additional thought bubbles – be sure to scroll down and see what your neighbors have been sharing as well.

Station 1 – Voting Priorities

Top Priorities + Additional Comments

Downtown Elm Street:

  1. Priority: Downtown Elm needs more dining options / pubs to enhance nightlife (27 votes)
  2. Priority: The Post Office Site should be developed into a mixed-use building (20 votes)
  3. Priority: East and West Elm make up one downtown not two separate business districts (15 votes)
  4. 10 Dislike Votes – The Post Office Site should be converted into an outdoor gathering space.



  • More housing that is walkable to the train station and accessible for people with disabilities;
  • Do not destroy the playground and open space at the west end of the park by the Post Office and Village Hall — it is a good transition and well used;
  • Buildings need to preserve mixed-use and encourage more of it to be created;
  • Fix parking situation by Community House – not enough space for loading / unloading near nursery school;
  • More dining / family / night life;
  • No more nail salons;
  • Need a Village Square type gathering space, not just another park;
  • Need a place in town where 5th-8th graders can find something to do – not enough options for youths / teens;
  • Post Office Site could have open areas as well as a mixed-use building

Hubbard Woods:

Photo Highlights: Winnetka Visioning Workshop

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun,” – Albert Einstein
And yesterday’s ‘Visioning Workshop’ for Winnetka’s Downtown Master Plan embraced just that. Thanks to all who came out to share ideas and feedback via the four interactive activity stations that were set-up:

  • Station 1: Priority Voting Exercise
  • Station 2: Visioning Collage
  • Station 3: Winnetka Madlibs
  • Station 4: District Discussion

Special thanks to North Shore Country Day School for helping to host the event!

Stay tuned! The consultant team is in the process of documenting the overall findings and will post a summation of such soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the photo highlights below and mark your calendar for the December 16th Steering Committee meeting (7pm @ Village Hall), which will focus on refining the Vision Statements yesterday’s workshop helped build.